Breen Earns High Recognition On Illinois Manufacturing’s 2018 Legislative Scorecard

State Representative Peter Breen’s 2018 voting record in support of business and manufacturing has earned him high praise from Illinois’ Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA). During Breen’s four years in office his cumulative score with the TMA is 93%, among the highest in the General Assembly.

“A thriving manufacturing industry is critical to improving the Illinois economy,” said Breen. “It’s an honor to be recognized for my work to help these job creators, by improving our manufacturing climate and reducing burdens placed on them.” 

This year legislators were scored on their votes on 10 pieces of legislation that impacted the manufacturing sector, and those earning a score of 70 or higher were recognized. Only 39 members of the House of Representatives earned recognition this year.

TMA President Steven Rauschenberger applauded Breen for being a champion for the manufacturing industry, and said, “Representative Breen has distinguished himself as a legislator who cares about jobs and employment opportunities in Illinois. He has an open door and an open mind when issues important to his constituents are at issue.”

The Technology and Manufacturing Association assists Illinois’ $100 billion manufacturing sector through advice, education, and other programs and also advocates for legislation to help the industry succeed in Illinois. Close to 20,000 manufacturing firms provide over half a million jobs statewide in Illinois. Click here to view a list of the legislation included on the scorecard and a full ranking of every Illinois State Representative and Senator.