Breen Attacks Sham Labor "Reform"

Representative Peter Breen took part in a vigorous debate on Friday, May 29, 2015, concerning Senate Bill 1229, an AFSCME-sponsored measure to restrict the bargaining power of Gov. Bruce Rauner and the State of Illinois in relation to the AFSCME union contract negotiations now underway. The bill would amend the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act to force the State to accept pay and benefits determined by an arbitrator if the governor is unwilling to accede to the union’s demands.

Rep. Breen voiced his strong opposition to the bill, which he described as “a bald-faced power grab and a budget busting bill.”  Breen further noted that the legislation “is not a good faith effort in preventing a labor strike” and referenced the $350,000 in contributions that the sponsor of the bill had accepted from AFSCME interests in the past two election cycles.