Building the Dream

  • Out of Balance

    balance-154516_1280.pngFor over a decade, our state spending has been greater than the tax revenue we’ve taken in. Our state... Read More

  • Compromise is a Two-Way Street

    two-way-traffic-148887_1280.pngThis past week concluded the General Assembly’s veto session, and tensions were high in Springfield. I saw reasons both... Read More

  • Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors’ Goods with Red Light “Scameras”

    red_light_camera.jpgSeven years ago, I led a protest against red light cameras in Lombard, at the local headquarters of a... Read More

  • Moving Forward

    road-166543_1280.jpgThis has been the most unique political campaign season of our lifetimes. This was one of those rare election... Read More

  • Choose Wisely

    vote-1319435_1280.pngVoting is underway throughout the Land of Lincoln. As folks here go to the polls, they’re seeing a state... Read More

  • Good People Can Make a Difference

    board-978179_1280.jpgIn the wake of the scandal at the College of DuPage, the General Assembly demanded an independent audit of... Read More

  • Bipartisanship

    meeting-1002800_1280.jpgThe Fall campaign is in full swing across the country and the State of Illinois. Some themes span both... Read More

  • It's a Boy!

    Matthew_Photo_1.jpgMy wife Margie and I are pleased to announce that we are now the parents of a beautiful baby... Read More

  • Cleaning House in Illinois Will Take a lot of Elbow Grease

    lego-cleaning_.jpgIn my first term as state representative, we have seen some success in cleaning up Illinois government, with the... Read More

  • Half a Loaf

    bread-534574_1280.jpgOn the last day of June, the final day of our state’s fiscal year, a deal was cut to... Read More

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