Building the Dream

  • Establishment vs. Reform at COD

    COD_meeting.jpgThe College of DuPage has been in the news a lot over the last year: for taxpayer-funded booze fests... Read More

  • New Year, Old Games

    happy-new-year-1092457_1280.jpgWhen you enter a new year, it’s a time to take a good hard look at where you are.... Read More

  • The Waiting is the Hardest Part

    Christmas_Card_2015.pngIt’s just two days to Christmas. The tree is up, the Nativity scenes and decorations are out, and the... Read More

  • Peace but not Calm

    A_new_way.pngA little over two weeks ago, the nation watched the video of a police officer firing 16 shots at... Read More

  • Giving Thanks

    Thanksgiving_Graphic.jpgWith the combatants at a stalemate in Springfield, we’ve been back in the district for most of the past... Read More

  • A Need for "More Meaningful Fighting"

    “No one in this body thinks the Senate is laser-focused on the most pressing issues facing the nation. No one. Some of us lament this fact; some are angered by... Read More

  • The Truth of the Matter

    road-sign-464641_1280.jpg“What is truth?” It’s a question as old as western civilization. But with each passing day, it feels like... Read More

  • Polls Show Voters Frustrated with Status Quo

    Feedback_photo.jpgTo say that folks are angry and frustrated with politics right now would be an understatement. In fact, it... Read More

  • Pope Francis & the State of Illinois

    Pope_blessing-of-children-604358_1280.jpgThis past week, Pope Francis captured the attention of our nation. His visit brought tears to the eyes of... Read More

  • Status Quo

    worker-659884_1280.jpgMy brother-in-law, who lives in our district, is starting his career working in manufacturing, after serving almost a decade... Read More

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