Rep. Peter Breen is #1 in laws passed

Working to Make Illinois Government Accountable at Every Level 

  • Creates the "Local Government Wage Increase Transparency Act," requiring local government boards to hold an open meeting with full disclosure and an open and public vote before the board can consider any potential pension spiking for retiring public employees HB 5684.   
  • Closes loopholes in the Open Meetings Act HB 5683.
  • Requires training for college boards SB 2174.

Working to Protect Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

  • Protects estate plans of disabled seniors SB 90
  • Expands protection against human trafficking, requiring hotels and motels to post notices to help employees know they have the resources they need from law enforcement HB 2286
  • Improves outcomes for kids in DCFS care to keep them out of shelters and in family homes SB 2512.
  • Removes fee for Illinois ID Cards for children who are wards of the state SB 2524.
  • Ensures new innovative cancer treatments are taxed at the prescription drug rate of 1% and not the higher consumer product tax rates SB 3047.
  • Closes a loophole to ensure those who cause death while driving drunk are punished as harshly as others who committed vehicular homicide if they are subsequently caught for driving on a suspended license HB3084.
  • Ensures that definition of “child” is clear to avoid vagueness challenges to our criminal statutes protecting children against sex offenses of grooming and traveling to meet a child SB1321.
  • Helps protect citizens by requiring that any data security breach of the state government impacting more than 250 Illinoisans be reported within 72 hours to the Department of Innovation and Technology and the Attorney General for investigation SB707.
  • Brings state law on health insurance for adopted children into compliance with federal law HB817.

Working to Make All Levels of Government More Efficient, Effective & Fair

  • Eliminated an unnecessary layer of government in DuPage County HB 3747.
  • Allows electronic correspondence to confirm licensing for nurses aides HB 5930.
  • Ensures that the Illinois Department of Labor has power to enforce worker protection laws and makes Illinois eligible for $5 million in Federal Grants SB 1683.
  • Requires reporting about the cost of state mandates on local governments. The bill applies to items listed in the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s (DECO) catalog of state mandates SB2066.
  • Ensures that challenges to extensions of the statute of limitations are raised and ruled upon prior to full criminal jury trial, just like challenges to venue and other challenges to a charging document SB1422.
  • Amends state law to end the practice of charging “expedited service fees” of $25, $50, or more on every electronic filing with the Secretary of State’s office HB3514
  • Reverses new Dep’t of Revenue ruling treating small religious retreat houses as “hotels,” charging them thousands of dollars under the Hotel Operators' Occupation Tax SB587.
  • Exempts not-for profit recycling organizations from tedious paperwork and costly fees associated with operating collection centers for residential drop-off of used cooking oil and grease SB1420.
  • Allows townships to save money by permitting the delivery of surplus wood chips generated through routine tree maintenance to residents HB2423.
  • Amended the Environmental Protection Act to allow craft brewing companies in Illinois to utilize new 360-lid technology HB2386.

*Laws passed by Rep. Peter Breen in 2018 will be added to this list after Gov. Bruce Rauner takes action on them.