#BreenIsBack To Fight Tax Hikes, Madigan, and Extremist Social Policies

Breen Is Back To Fight Tax Hikes, Madigan, and Extremist Social Policies

Breen says Costa Howard has been “dishonest with the people of our district”

(September 27, 2019 – Lombard, IL) Today, Peter Breen, two-term Illinois State Representative (R-Lombard) and former GOP Floor Leader, announced that he is going back to Springfield. Breen, a champion of taxpayer rights, is returning to the legislative arena to fight the 21 excessive tax and fee hikes that Chicago Democrats have heaped upon Illinois residents this year.


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Breen Recognized For Legislative Service By Illinois House Resolution

On the final day of the fall veto session in Springfield, members of the House of Representatives honored House Republican Floor Leader and State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) for his service to the people of the 48th District, to the House Republican Caucus, and the people of Illinois. 

HR 1345, jointly sponsored by House Republican Leader Jim Durkin and Speaker of the House Mike Madigan, recognized Breen’s commitment to responsible budgeting and spending and his commitment to easing regulations on the business community. They also recognized Breen for legislation he ushered into law that specifically helped the people of the 48th District.

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Breen Addresses "Death Wish" on Fox News with Martha MacCallum

Click here to watch the segment and read Fox News' coverage of the story.

Breen Responds To Kifowit Attack With Call For Civility

Yesterday a member of the House Democrat caucus issued a death wish against the family of House Republican Floor Leader Peter Breen (R-Lombard) during a debate on a bill. In response to the henious verbal attack, Breen implored his colleagues to follow a path toward civility and decency. Click here to view Breen's floor comments.

Breen Earns High Recognition On Illinois Manufacturing’s 2018 Legislative Scorecard

State Representative Peter Breen’s 2018 voting record in support of business and manufacturing has earned him high praise from Illinois’ Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA). During Breen’s four years in office his cumulative score with the TMA is 93%, among the highest in the General Assembly.

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Representative Peter Breen Addresses 77% Jump in “Failure to Appear in Court” Cases in DuPage County

State Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) is partnering with DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin and State Senator Michael Connelly (R-Lisle) to address a dramatic increase in the number of people in DuPage County who have decided to “skip bail” and not appear in court.

“The Bail Reform Act that took effect in Illinois on January 1 this year was part of a national movement to improve the pre-trial justice system in this country,” said Breen. “While that Act includes some beneficial provisions, one specific change has unfortunately resulted in a significant spike in instances when defendants out on bail fail to appear in court.”

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Legislative Update-10-5-18

Eighty-Three Bills Vetoed During 2018 Session

This year, 529 new Senate and House Bills were signed into law. A total of 612 bills were passed in both chambers of the General Assembly in 2018; almost 90 percent of them were signed, but 83 bills were vetoed by Governor Bruce Rauner. Fifty-three of the vetoes were “total vetoes,” which means that the veto must be overridden with three-fifths majorities in both houses in order to become law; and 30 of the vetoes were “amendatory vetoes,” in which Governor Rauner suggested additional, amendatory, or supplementary language to change a bill. In cases of amendatory vetoes, both houses of the General Assembly can accept the Governor’s language by simple majority. The General Assembly will consider Rauner’s vetoes in the November 2018 Veto Session, which gets underway in Springfield on Tuesday, November 13.

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Rep. Breen Named "Champion of Free Enterprise"

ChamberChampions_RepBreen.jpgState Representative Peter Breen (R-Lombard) has been named a “Champion of Free Enterprise” by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce for his 2017-2018 voting record in support of policy initiatives that support Illinois businesses and against measures that seek to over-regulate or overburden the state’s job creators.

Every two years the Illinois Chamber recognizes those legislators whose voting records most support the business community with their Champions of Free Enterprise Awards. “One of my primary focuses in the General Assembly has been promoting small business and job growth. It’s an honor to have that work recognized by the Chamber of Commerce,” said Breen.

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Rep. Breen Advocates for Public Safety, While Protecting Civil Liberties

fire_arms_order_of_protection_bill_signing_038.JPGState Representative Peter Breen joined law enforcement, advocates, and public officials today for the signing into law of HB 2354. This groundbreaking legislation will help prevent people who are a threat to themselves or others from possessing or purchasing guns, while protecting civil liberties. Breen was the lead Republican negotiator and the principle Chief Co-Sponsor of the life-saving legislation.

“Acts of senseless violence in schools, churches or other public places are all too often committed by individuals who have shown signs that they are mentally unstable and interested in causing harm to themselves or others,” said Breen. “This tightly worded legislation puts critical protections in place to help curb mass shootings by disturbed individuals who should not have access to guns. It’s an excellent example of how we can produce good legislation when politics is set aside, and Republicans and Democrats work together.”

Through HB 2354, family members or law enforcement who petition for an emergency order must show that the respondent poses an immediate and present danger of causing harm to themselves or others. If probable cause is established through a court hearing, the judge will enter an order that will allow the Illinois State Police (ISP) to suspend or revoke the Firearms Owner Identification card of the respondent and, if necessary, issue a search warrant to remove any firearms from the person’s residence. 

The respondent must be given a full hearing within 14 days, where it must be proven by strict clear and convincing evidence that the person is dangerous. If so, the emergency order is extended to a six-month order, which may be renewed on continued proof of danger. But if the allegations are not proven at the full hearing, the record of the case is expunged, so as not to do any harm to an innocent respondent. Strict penalties for perjury would also apply to those who would falsely swear out a petition for a firearms restraining order.

Gov. Rauner Signs into Law Breen Bill to Reduce Frivolous Lawsuits

home-2003068_640.pngState Representative Peter Breen's bill to prevent public funds from being spent on unnecessary lawyer costs and fees was signed into law by Gov. Bruce Rauner.  PA 100-0595 cleans up the Counties Code and Municipal Code to ensure that neighbors bringing lawsuits against a zoning or building code violator sue the correct parties, and avoid filing suits that will ultimately be dismissed. “When residents pursue legal action against their neighbors for violations of local codes, the unit of government setting zoning law is not supposed to be included in the suit,”  Breen said.  “But residents continue to mistakenly attempt to add the county or municipality to their suit. This new law clarifies the matter, so governments don’t waste taxpayer dollars defending these frivolous claims.”

The need for the bill was brought to Breen’s attention by DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin, as a method of reducing the number of lawsuits improperly filed against the county, when the complaint concerns violations by another private property owner.

“At a time when the residents of the 48th District are desperate for tax relief, I want to ensure their tax dollars are not wasted on suits that will be tossed out of court,” Breen said.  “By eliminating some of these meritless suits that send taxpayer funds toward unnecessary lawyer costs, we can reduce the amount of money these governing bodies earmark for legal services and provide an opportunity for tax relief.”

The provisions of the new law take effect immediately.