Rep. Breen Files Bills to Ban Red Light Cameras

red_light_camera.jpgThis year, Rep. Peter Breen renewed his efforts to eliminate unsafe, unwanted, and unnecessary red light cameras with the filing of two bills.

HB 4372 would prohibit the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) from approving any red light camera installation until the requesting municipality or county provides proof that a significant increase in public safety will result from the use of the automated traffic law enforcement system. "If red light cameras are about public safety, let’s see the data," said Breen. "There is no compelling evidence of improved safety from these cameras—just money out of your pocket."

Breen also filed HB 4373, a measure that would ban red light cameras in DuPage County. “I hear regularly from folks who feel red light cameras are nothing more than a hidden tax on drivers, meant to bring in revenue to local units of government,” said Breen. “The cameras tag unsuspecting motorists with traffic tickets that no police officer on the scene would ever give.”