Rep. Breen's Bill to Limit License Plate Reader Data Sees Positive Results

Video_Camera_picture.jpgClick here to view a recent ABC 7 story on Rep. Peter Breen's bill to limit law enforcement retention of public license plate reader data, HB 3289. It appears that the legislative pressure from Breen and other privacy-minded representatives has pushed some in law enforcement to self regulate. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said that they only hold this data for 30 days, and the City of Chicago said in a statement, that "license plate data is over-written and not stored unless there is a positive hit on a plate needed for investigative purposes." Breen pointed out, that "during the negotiations, law enforcement did not want to limit retention to less than 33 months and the City of Chicago wanted to keep it indefinitely. This is definitely a positive result of our legislation to limit retention of this type of data and is a small victory for those innocent civilians who do not want to be tracked by the government."