The Madigan/Howard mail pieces and TV ads claim that Peter went with the NRA to keep guns in the hands of criminals. 


Here's another area where CBS 2 called the Madigan/Howard claims "False." The truth is that Peter is the only candidate running for state rep endorsed by both Illinois' "GPAC," short for Gun Violence Prevention PAC, and by the national organization Giffords, which was founded by former Cong. Gabby Giffords, who was nearly fatally wounded by a gunman during a community event at a grocery store in her district. Peter is designated by Mom's Demand Action as a "gun sense" candidate, too. When a very flawed "red flag" bill arrived from the Senate, Peter got to work. He directed significant amendments and co-wrote what became our state's new "Firearms Restraining Order" law. This new measure now provides law enforcement and family members with a means to get guns out of the hands of violent and disturbed individuals, before they do grave harm to our children (or to themselves). This new law is recognized as possibly the national model for red flag legislation. Peter also voted to ban bump stocks, and for other public safety measures.