Here's the truth on property taxes: Peter has repeatedly voted to freeze property taxes, and he supports a reduction and cap on them. Peter was even featured on the website as a legislator especially dedicated to reform of our worst-in-the-country property tax system. And as a village trustee in Lombard, he consistently opposed property tax hikes, and he succeeded in winning a tax freeze, the first property tax relief folks in Lombard had experienced in 20 years. As Acting Village President, Peter reduced spending--with no loss of services--and he returned the savings to the people of the Lilac Village by eliminating the village's vehicle sticker and tax. The vote Costa Howard cited in her mailer was a fake "reform" bill put forward by Madigan that actually would have hiked property taxes on most residents in the 48th District, and that bill had critical loopholes that would allow governments to hike taxes to the maximum amount every year. And, what's more, Mike Madigan's property tax appeals legal business would have benefited by that bill, because of the increased complexity that his bill would have created in the state's property tax system. Peter supports a real property tax freeze, reduction, and cap, period.

Here's the truth on a new state income tax for seniors: No way. Peter has publicly and strongly opposed any new taxes on seniors. Peter has also strongly opposed any tax hikes on folks in his district, and he's also opposed the unbalanced budgets of the past few years. It's time for the state government to spend within its means.

Here's the truth on Social Security and Medicare: Peter supports Social Security and Medicare. Congress needs to get its act together and stop shorting these systems. That said, Peter is at the state level, with no ability to impact these worthy and necessary programs. Mike Madigan knows that, but he thinks voters aren't paying attention, so they'll believe his slick mailers making these patently false and outrageous claims.