James deserves the same opportunities you & I had growing up in DuPage County.

James deserves the same opportunities you & I had growing up in DuPage County...

It's time to Clean House & Rebuild Illinois.

My plan is simple:

Clean House of Madigan & Corruption.

That means strong ethics reforms:

- Remove Mike Madigan as Speaker - eject him from the Speaker's chair and expel him from the General Assembly.

- Term Limits for legislators - no more career politicians, end the next generation of Mike Madigan wannabes.

- Fair Maps - no more gerrymandering of districts to install the Madigan machine's preferred candidates.

- Ban on Lobbying by former legislators - no more politicians selling their votes in office, looking for a payday after they leave office.

- Ban on Red Light Cameras - no more selling our intersections to the highest bidder.

Rebuild Illinois.

That means a strong economy, with jobs and opportunity for everyone, and a government that lives within its means:

- No more Tax Hikes - our state tax burden is worst in the country, and DuPage County only gets back $0.31 for every $1.00 we send to Springfield.

- Spend within our means - there's plenty of money in the state government to do everything you need, we just need principled people in the legislature who will say "no" to the special interests demanding more and more money for their pet projects. Stop racking up debt and growing the pile of unpaid bills.

- Promote Small Businesses to start here, build here, and move here - we're considered one of the worst places in the country to start and run a business, but we can quickly turn that around by adopting pro-small-business policies, at no cost to state taxpayers. More small businesses means more jobs and opportunity, and it also means more tax dollars available to pay for state government.

- Modernize Illinois Government - it's time for our state government to look forward to the 2030's, not backward to the 1930's. Whether it's busy signals at the Unemployment Office or 4-hour lines at the DMV, Illinois government doesn't work for you. Dealing with government should be as easy as ordering from Amazon or calling an Uber.

Would you consider helping me in this fight?

You can 1) Request a yard sign, 2) Volunteer, and 3) Donate.

Thank you!